Within as well as outside of Europe

We deliver to professional gardening-buyers in Europe. This considers wholesale as well as retail, but also gardeners and builders. In the retail sector we deliver mainly to gardening centres. Besides that we have several events a year for the retail market (DIY-markets and supermarkets).
We do not sell to consumers.

Order process

The selection on our website gives you an indication of the available stock in our own facilities. We can stock up with purchased goods. Please send a request to info@richarddorst.nl and you will receive a quotation without obligation via email.


You can organize the transport yourself or, as an option, we can arrange this for you, via one of our regular transport companies. We inform you beforehand of the transport costs.

Adminstration / Fytosanitary documents

Where applicable we arrange the fytosanitary documents and all necessary actions, as well as administration.

Delivery conditions
A look behind the scenes

A regular day at the horticultural nursery