" If we haven´t got it, no one will!"

In addition to our own production, we purchase a lot of products. For instance perennials and lawn trees. Early in the season we reserve large parties. This enables us to deliver against very low prices. The greatest advantage of our purchasing-policy is the fact, that we still can deliver a lot of products in times, that they are already sold out elsewhere.

For our customers we like to complete their puchase-lists. We buy the types you desire via day-trade.

Europe is our field of operation. From Ireland to Russia and from Norway to Greece. We gladly take the organization of transport and administration out of your hands.

Delivery time

Generally, you can pick up your order within one working day at our location in Hazerswoude. When we organize the transport, delivery times depend of course on the transport-time en eventual administrative actions. As a rule you can take:

Pick up: 1 working day

The Netherlands: 2 Working days

Western Europe: 3 working days

Southern and Central Europe: 4 Working days

Northern and Eastern Europe: 5 working days

Russia: up to 8 working days