About us

Our head office is located in the middle of Greenport Boskoop. We have approximately 10 hectare of land which is divided over 4 gardens, full-soil cultivation, container soil and greenhouses.
We’re working hard on our fifth garden with a greenhouse of 3 hectare where we grow our bamboo plants. We hope to have this completed by spring 2022.

Our company has a small team with enthusiastic and specialized people with years of knowledge and experience of plants. We all strive for the best care and quality for our plants as well as a pleasant customer contact and smooth and correct order processing.

Recognised trainee ship company

For some time now, we have been affiliated with SBB and we are an officially recognized training company.

Every year, we offer various internships at our nursery with the right guidance, in order to help students on their way to the business world and to apply their knowledge in practice. This applies to places in the garden (cultivation, warehouse (logistics) and office (commercial).

For more information or questions, please contact Harrie Groenbroek at harrie@richarddorst.nl.